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132kV DC line from Aska New S/s to Digapahandi S/s commissioned on 21.07.2021NEW |
132kV LILO of Jayanagar-Tentulikhunti line for Nawrangpur Grid on 14.07.21NEW |
2X20 MVA, 220/33kV Telkoi S/s charged on 14.07.21NEW |
2X20 MVA, 132/33kV Thuapalli S/s charged on 14.07.21NEW |
2X20 MVA, 132/33kV Gunupur S/s charged on 14.07.21NEW |
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Power Training Centre, Chandaka pioneers in providing vocational training to the students of several Technical educational Institutions across the country. The vocational training started in the year 2001 with 94 no. strength which gained so much prestige and popularity that in the year 2011 we reached a student strength of 1213.PTC conduct vocational training every year till now without fail.

The sessions are taken by our experienced field engineers who have all round expertise in the field of Transmission & Distribution System. Talented faculties having rich years of experience with practical subject expertise