Power Training Center (PTC) is committed to continual development of Human Resources by providing quality training satisfying all applicable requirements to meet present and future business challenges in the Power Training and Distribution Sector.

To accomplish the same, PTC shall:

  • Provide required training to achieve annual targeted person-days of training.
  • Provide safety training periodically for creating safe working culture in the organization.
  • Orient fresh recruits to the business operation of organization’s functional areas through a well-structured Induction Programme.
  • Upgrade the competence of In-house trainers through appropriate training and exposure.


POWER TRAINING CENTRE, Chandaka fosters the training needs of Transmission & Distribution Sector.

Training programmes on Safety & Safe Working Practices are regularly provided to all our employees to create awareness about importance of safe working methods and maintaining personal safety while performing operation, maintenance and construction work in particular and avoiding electrical hazards in general.

Management Development Programmes (MDPs) and Technical Programmes are provided to our employees to improve their productivity, work efficiency and personal growth & development by introducing to them various new avenues of managerial and technical skills.

"When safety is ensured, the confidence and efficiency level of employees get manifold."