400kV S/S
1 2x500MVA, 400/220/33kV GIS S/S at Meramundali-B
220kV S/S
1 2x160MVA, 220/132kV S/S at Kesinga with line
2 2X160MVA+2x40MVA, 220/132/33kV S/S at Pratapsasan with line
3 2x160MVA+2x40MVA, 220/132/33kV S/S at Dhamra with line
4 2x160MVA+2x40MVA, 220/132/33kV S/S at Kuanrmunda (Mandiakudar) with line
5 2X20MVA, 220/33kV S/S at Kalimela with line
6 2X20MVA, 220/33kV S/S at Govindpalli with line (JICA)
7 2X160MVA + 2X20MVA, 220/132/33kV S/S at Turumunga with line (JICA)
8 2x20MVA, 220/33kV S/S at Baliguda with line
9 2x40MVA, 220/33kV S/S at Palei, Balichandapur with line
10 2X160MVA + 2X63MVA, 220/132/33kV GIS at Balianta with line (SCRIPS)
11 2x160MVA + 2x20MV, 220/132/33kV S/S at Bamra with line
12 2X20MVA, 220/33kV S/S at Dasapalla with line (JICA)
13 2x160MVA + 1X20MVA, 220/132/33kV S/S at Kiakata with line (JICA)
14 2X63MVA, 220/33kV S/S at Godisahi (SCRIPS)
15 2X63MVA, 220/33kV GIS S/S at Kantabada (Gothapatna ) (SCRIPS)
132kV S/S
1 2x20MVA,132/33kV S/S at R.Udyagiri with line
2 2X20MVA,132/33kV S/S at Boriguma with line
3 2x20MVA,132/33kV S/S at Birmaharajpur with line
4 2X40MVA, 132/33kV S/S at Bhatli with line
5 2X20MVA, 132/33kV S/S (AIS) with SAS at Nabarangpur with line
6 2X40MVA, 132/33kV S/S at Hinjili with line
7 2x40MVA,132/33kV GIS (SAS) at Hirakud & line
8 2X20MVA, 132/33kV S/S at Lakhanpur with line (JICA)
9 2X20MVA, 132/33kV S/S at Lamtaput with line
10 2X63MVA, 132/33kV GIS at Nayapalli with cabling (SCRIPS)
11 2X63MVA, 132/33kV GIS at Satyanagar, BBSR with cabling (SCRIPS)
12 2X63MVA, 132/33kV GIS at Badagada, BBSR with cabling (SCRIPS)
13 2X40MVA, 132/33kV S/S at Atuda, Bahugram with line (JICA)
14 2X20MVA, 132/33kV S/S at Chandipur with line (JICA)
15 2x20MVA,132/33kV S/s at Brundabahal with line
Other Projects(Mainly Independent Lines)
1 132kV Jayanagar-Sunabeda line
2 220kV Pandiabil-Pratapasasan DC line
3 132kV Padampur-Nuapada SC line with bay extn. at both ends
4 Diversion of 400kV & 220kV LILO arrangement at Meramundali-B
5 3rd ICT with 400kV & 220kV bay extension at New Duburi
6 132kV Parlakhemundi-R.Udayagiri DC line
7 132kV Chandbali-Dhamra DC line
8 220kV LILO of Therubali-Narendrapur DC line at Aska.
9 132kV Boudh-Phulbani DC line with bay extn. at both ends
10 132kV Baner(Jaypatna)-Junagarh DC Line
11 132kV Lapanga - Brajrajnagar DC Line

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