1. Provision of Optical fibre based communication through OPGW for providing reliable communication to all Grid s/s with PSDF support. Under the project a total of 2120 Ckt KM of OPGW have been laid out of 2289 Ckt KM scope covering 65 nos of grid s/s.

    Schedule of completion of the project is December 2022.

  2. Procurement , commissioning , AMC and integration with central SCADA of 78 RTUs against replacement of 51 nos of old RTUs against replacement of 51 nos of and 27 new RTUs for new grid S/s.

    Remote Terminal unit(RTU) are the basic Telecommunication equipment used for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) in Power System. Under this project, provision has been made for replacement of 51 nos of Old RTUs as well as procurement of 27 nos of new RTUs.

    50 RTUs have been integrated with SCADA. Work is in progress for other 28 RTUs.

    Schedule of completion of the project is Dec-2022.


  1. Most of the industries, IPPs, CGPs have been integrated with SLDC for real time data display under supervision of Telecom wing as per OGC Regulations, 2006.

  2. Dark fibres have been leased out to Powergrid , BSNL, LWTPL, Airtel , Tata communication, Railtel, GTPLKCBPL, WEFE, SITI and VIL. OPTCL is earning a revenue of Rs 5.7 Crores per annum presently. Many more OPGW lines are in pipeline for leasing out to Telecom Operators.

  3. Wideband communication channels have been provided to IT wing of OPTCL at different Grid s/s in OPTCL for the reliable and secured IT enabled services like ERP, AMI and Video conferencing thereby saving revenue otherwise would been utilised towards leasing of communication channels from Telecom operators.

  4. ONLINE SCADA data is extended to DOSCC of 4 DISCOMs for better grid management.

  5. CUG is operational in OPTCL under supervision of Telecom Wing of OPTCL.

BharatNet Phase-II Project in Odisha:

  • “ BharatNet ” is a Flagship Project of Govt. of India, funded by USOF for provisioning high speed Internet to all Block Head Quarters and Gram Panchayats(GP) in India under Digital India Mission.

  • OPTCL is the State Implementing Agency (SIA) of Bharat Net Phase-II Project, Which covers all 30 districts of Odisha with 3065 GPs & BHQs. The scope of the project is to lay Overhead Optical Fibre (ADSS fibre) of 20429 KM using 33kv, 11kv & LT poles of respective DISCOMs.

  • The cost of the Project is 444.49 Crore.

  • The scope of project has been completed covering 3065 GPs/BHQs. However, FTTH connections have been extended to 2400 GPs/BHQs with the help of BSNL. Rest 665 GPs/BHQs will be covered by December-2022.

  • The project is now under extended warranty period.

Upcoming STAMS project:

  • OPTCL has initiated the much awaited STAMS project in collaboration with PowerGrid Covering all Grid S/S.

  • Telecom wing will play its role in maintaining the responsibility of communication from respective grid S/S to control Centre and system manager under STAMS project.


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