1. Provision of Optical fibre based communication through OPGW for providing reliable communication to all Grid s/s with PSDF support.

    Under the project a total of 2240 Ckt KM of OPGW have been laid out of 2289 Ckt KM scope covering 65 nos of grid s/s.

    Schedule of completion: Project is completed.

  2. Procurement, commissioning, AMC and integration with central SCADA of 78 RTUs:

    Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) are the basic Telecommunication equipment used for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) in Power System. Under this project, provision has been made for replacement of 51 nos of Old RTUs as well as procurement of 27 nos of new RTUs for new Grid S/S. 73 RTUs have been integrated with SCADA.

    Schedule of completion: Project is completed.

  3. BharatNet Phase-II Project in Odisha:

    • “BharatNet” is a Flagship Project of Govt. of India, funded by USOF for provisioning high speed Internet to all Block Head Quarters and Gram Panchayats(GP) in India under Digital India Mission.

    • OPTCL is the State Implementing Agency (SIA) of Bharat Net Phase-II Project, Which covers all 30 districts of Odisha with 3065 GPs & BHQs. The scope of the project is to lay Overhead Optical Fibre (ADSS fibre) of 20429 KM using 33kv, 11kv & LT poles of respective DISCOMs.

    • The cost of the Project is 444.49 Crore.

    • The scope of project has been completed covering 3065 GPs/BHQs.

    • The project is now under extended warranty period.

  4. U-NMS (Unified Network Management System):

    State of the Art U-NMS project consist of Centralised management of ISTS communication system at regional and national levels by integrating existing NMSs and Network elements.

    UNMS is loaded with advanced features such as availability calculations, fault report generation, centralized configuration, quick fault detection, restoration, analysis, data retention for 7 calendar years. PGCIL is the implementing agency of this project.

    Total project cost is100 cr. for ER including States.

    Schedule of completion: December of 2023 in the entire ER.



  1. STAMS (State Transmission Asset Management System):

    OPTCL has initiated the much awaited STAMS project in collaboration with PowerGrid Covering all Grid S/S of OPTCL.

    STAMS project has already started for which a group of Telecom engineers have been earmarked to involve in the execution of the project. Telecom wing will play its role in maintaining the communication from respective grid S/S to control Centre and inter control centre.

  2. SCADA Upgradation:

    Existing SCADA/EMS at ERLDC and SLDCs in Eastern Region will be upgraded under Implementation ULDC Phase-III for modern functionality & features of load dispatch activity.

  3. Separation of IT & OT network using MPLS Technology to build a secured OT network and a strong IT network of OPTCL:

    We have already taken primary initiative to go for separation of OT network from IT network adhering to the CEA guidelines for cyber security. A project will be taken up for building a state of the art MPLS-TP based IT network for separation from OT network.

    Now the project is with PSDF for approval.

  4. OPGW work in Balance line sections of OPTCL:

    Laying of OPGW on the existing /new EHV transmission Lines of 1022.5 km distance covering 27 grid S/S which were left in the earlier OPGW projects.

    Now the project is with PSDF for approval.

  5. OPGW work in 132KV Joda-Rourkela line:

    Earth wire over 105 Km long very old 132KV Joda-Rourkela line will be replaced by 48F OPGW.

    This project will establish optical fibre connectivity with major Grid S/S like Barbil, Bolani, Arya, Karakendra, BK Steel, Nalda, Bhalulata and other CGPs/IPPs. This will strengthen the transmission line of OPTCL.

    First time OPTCL has envisaged 48F OPGW instead of 24F OPGW in the EHT lines, looking into high demand for Dark fibres in this line. This project is in the final stage of tendering process.

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