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PLCC(Power Line Carrier Communication)


The Telecom wing, Headed by G.M (Telecom) takes the responsibility of planning, design and deployment of various telecommunication services like PLCC based telephony & carrier aided protection schemes and implementation of SCADA. for OPTCL. Power Line carrier communication (PLCC) is a communication technology in which HV power line is used as media for telecommunication link using frequency band from the range of 50 to 500 kHz. The 4 kHz AF bandwidth of PLCC carries a 2 kHz speech channel and a super imposed FSK data signal. OPTCL  like any other power utilities or State Electricity Boards, has provision for PLCC in each and every 132kV/220kV/ 400kV line sections. It provides a reliable, economic and dependable communication system proven over years. PLCC terminals from different vendors like ABB,BPL and PUNCOM are now under use in OPTCL.

R & M Activities of Telecom wing

Maintenance of PLCC Equipment both indoors and outdoors including battery & battery chargers, EPAX etc presently installed at each grid sub-station /Powerhouses for providing hot line & dialling communication between the sub-stations are being done by the Telecom people posted at grid s/s. Existing 500 line Telephone exchange along with associated lines installed at HQ office is being maintained by the Telecom wing. Besides this, following maintenance activities are being carried out for equipment under ULD C Project in AMC.

  • Maintenance of RTUs installed under ULDC Project .
  • Maintenance of SCADA/EMS System.
  • Maintenance of Wideband Communication System.
  • Maintenance of Auxiliary Power Supply Equipment.
  • Maintenance of Video Projection System (VPS) installed at SLDC.

Since " future is fibre" Transmission companies worldwide have been replacing their conventional ground wire by specially designed aluminum embedded overhead fibre optic cables called OPGW. It is believed that Power Utilities can gather revenue by leasing the spare capacity of their intercity OPGW route to broadband operators. It is preferred over buried OFC due to least chances of cut and theft. OPTCL has laid 550 km of 8-core fibre OPGW from Jeypore to Bhubaneswar. The SDH equipments installed are Alcatel 1650SMC operating at STM-1 level.