SL No. Name of the Projects District Division Zone
1 400/220kV Lapanga S/s Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
2 132/33kV Maneswar S/s along with LILO line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
3 Restoration of 400kV Ib-Lapanga line From Loc. No. 124/2 to 149/0 Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
4 400kV LILO of Vedanta-Meramundali line at Lapanga with Multi Circuit Tower Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
5 220/33kV Lephripara S/s along with LILO line Sundergarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
6 220/33kV Deogarh S/s along with LILO line Deogarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
7 220/132/33kV Bamra S/s along with associated line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
8 RTSS Bimlagarh Sundergarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
9 RTSS Kechhobahal Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
10 RTSS, Maneswar Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
11 132/33 KV GIS Hirakud along with associated LILO Line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
12 RTSS Bamra Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
13 220/132KV S/S at Kesinga Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
14 132kV Kesinga-Junagarh line Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
15 132/33kV S/s at Birmaharajpur along with associated DC Line Subarnapur Bolangir WESTERN
16 132 KV line from Nuapara  to Padmapur Bargarh / Nuapada Bolangir WESTERN
17 220kV DC Line from Bolangir to Kesinga Bolangir/Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
18 132/33kV Thuapalli S/s along with associated LILO Line Bargarh Bolangir WESTERN
19 132 KV RTSS Deogaon Bolangir Bolangir WESTERN
20 132KV RTSS Godbhaga Sambalpur Bolangir WESTERN
21 132 KV Bargarh(new) LILO Line Bargarh Bolangir WESTERN
22 220/132/33kV Bamra GSS Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
23 220/132/33kV Kuaranmunda GSS Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
24 132/33kV Lakhanpur GSS Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
25 132/33kv GSS Bhatli Bargarh Bolangir WESTERN


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