Charged Transmission Elements during FY 2021-22 (till Oct'2021)
Sl. No. Name of the Projects
1 132 KV transmission line from 220/132/33 KV Grid substation, Samagara to proposed RTSS, Malatipatapur
2 132KV transmission line from existing 220/132/33KV Grid Substation at Therubali to proposed RTSS at Bhalumuska
3 132KV transmission line from 132/33KV Grid Sub-station at Pattamundai to proposed Substation at Rajnanagar
4 Integration of 2 circuits of 220KV Jayanagar-Jayanagar PG line with 400/220 KV Grid S/S of PGCIL at Jayanagar.
5 1x20MVA, 220/33KV Grid Sub-station, Telkoi
6 2x20MVA, 220/33KV Grid Sub-Station at Gunupur
7 2x20MVA, 132/33 KV Grid Sub-station, Thuapalli
8 132 KV DC Transmission line from 220/132/33 KV Grid Sub-station Aska to 132/33 KV Grid Sub-station, Digapahandi
9 132 KV Padampur-Nuapada line
10 220/33 KV Deogarh Grid S/s with LILO line
11 220/33 KV Grid S/s at Lephripada with LILO line
12 132/33 KV Grid S/s at Rajnagar
13 132 KV Kuchei-Bangiriposi line(Ckt-2) idle charge from 132/33 KV Grid S/s Bangiriposhi to Location no.1 near 400/220/132KV Grid S/s Kuchei, PGCIL
14 220 KV SC line to RTSS Bimlagarh from 220/33KV Grid S/s, Bonei
15 132/33 KV Grid S/s at Gondia with LILO line
16 220KV RTSS Laxmipur Bay & Line from 220/33KV Laxmipur GSS
Charged Transmission Elements during FY 2020-21
1 220/132/33kV Godachhak S/s with line
2 132/33kV S/S at Satasankha with line
3 132/33kV S/S at Brajabiharipur (CDA)
4 132/33kV S/S at Maneswar with line
5 2x20MVA,132/33kV G.Udaygiri S/S with associated 132kV LILO
6 1X20 MVA, 220/33kV Power Transformer at Laxmipur S/s
7 132kV Jayanagar- Tentulikhunti line
8 132kV LILO line from 132kV Barpali-Bargarh line to Bargarh (New) S/s
9 220/33kV Govindpalli S/s
10 132/33kV side Pratapsasan S/s
11 132kV Switching Station at Global
12 132kV Switching Station at Ramco

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