SL No. Name of the Projects District Division Zone
1 132/33kV Satasankha S/s with associated LILO line Puri Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
2 Installation of 3rd 315 MVA at Mendhasal S/s. Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
3 132/33kV GIS S/s at Unit-VIII, Bhubaneswar Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
4 132/33kV GIS S/s at Rasulgarh/Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar along with UG Cable Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
5 220/132/33Kv Grid S/S at Pratapsasan, Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
6 132 KV DC lines on Pratapsasan S/S to 132/33KV S/S at Phulnakhara Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
7 220KV DC line from 400/220KV Grid /S, Pandiabil of PGCIL to 220/132/33KV Grid Sub-station, Pratapasasan Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
8 220/33kV Gas Insulated Sub-station at Godisahi (SCRIPS) along with associated LILO Line Cuttack Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
9 1 no. of 132KV Bay extension at 132/33KV GIS Sub-station at Unit-8 for to 132/33KV GIS at Nayapalli Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
10 132kV line from Nuapatna to Banki Cuttack Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
11 220/33 KV Grid S/S at Narasinghpur Cuttack Cuttack CENTRAL
12 220kV LILO of Meramundali-Bhanjanagar DC line for Narasinghpur Cuttack Cuttack CENTRAL
13 132/33kV S/s at CDA Cuttack(Brajabiharipur) along with LILO Line Cuttack Cuttack CENTRAL
14 132kV Olavar-Chandbali Line Bhadrak Cuttack CENTRAL
15 132/33kV GSS at Attoda, Bahugram with associated 132kV LILO line Cuttack Cuttack CENTRAL
16 RTSS at Siju Jagatsinghpur Cuttack CENTRAL
17 Diversion of 33 KV & 11 KV Lines over various rivers for national water ways-5 under KED-I, Kendrapara and KED-II, Marshaghai. Kendrapada Cuttack CENTRAL
18 132 KV ICCL - SALIPUR CKT -II on DC Tower Cuttack Cuttack CENTRAL
19 220/132/33 KV  S/S at Goda along with 220KV & 132 KV LILO Line Dhenkanal Angul CENTRAL
20 400/220KV Meramundali-B GIS Dhenkanal Angul CENTRAL
21 132/33 KV GSS Gondia Dhenkanal Angul CENTRAL
22 Diversion of 400kV Meramundali-Duburi D/C line for new Angul-Sukinda Railway line. Dhenkanal Angul CENTRAL
23 132/33 KV GSS Rajnagar along with DC line from Pattamundai Kendrapada Cuttack CENTRAL
24 132 kV Meramundali -Rungta Mines Ltd., DSP SC (in DC Towers) Dhenkanal Angul CENTRAL
25 RTSS Malatipatpur Puri Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
26 132 KV Shree Cements Ltd SC line Jajpur Cuttack CENTRAL
27 132 KV RAMCO LILO DC line Jajpur Cuttack CENTRAL
28 132 KV Atri LILO MC Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
29 132 KV Global LILO DC Line on Chainpal -FCI Ckt I Angul Angul CENTRAL
30 RTSS Kendrapada Kendrapada Cuttack CENTRAL
31 132 KV Kamakhyanagar RTSS Dhenkanal Angul CENTRAL
32 132 KV Chandaka - Mancheswar B UG SC Line Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
33 RTSS Boinda Angul Angul CENTRAL
34 132/33 kV Bahugram S/S Cuttack Cuttack CENTRAL
35 220/33kV Kantabada GIS Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
36 132 KV line from Bhadrak to Anandapur Bhadrak Keonjhar NORTHERN
37 220/33kV Keonjhar GIS S/s Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
38 220kV DC line from Keonjhar PG to Keonjhar S/s Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
39 132/33 kV Grid S/S at Agarpara along with LILO Line Bhadrak Balasore NORTHERN
40 132/33Kv S/S at Udala Mayurbhanj Balasore NORTHERN
41 132kV Line from Kuchei to Bangiriposi Mayurbhanj Balasore NORTHERN
42 132/33 KV S/S at Betanoti Mayurbhanj Balasore NORTHERN
43 132/33kv Chandbali GIS S/s Bhadrak Balasore NORTHERN
44 132/33kV Grid sub-station, Chandipur and associated 132kV LILO line Balasore Balasore NORTHERN
45 220/33 KV GSS Telkoi along with LILO Line Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
46 132/33 KV GSS Daitari along with LILO Line from BC Mohanty - TISCO Line Jajpur Keonjhar NORTHERN
47 132 kV Rungta Mines Sw. Stn. To Karakolha Steel Plant SC (in DC Towers) Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
48 132 kV Rungta Mines LILO DC ( on 132 kVJoda-Rourkela SC Line) Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
49 132 KV JSWCL LILO DC Line on 132 KV Duburi Old - MESCO Line Jajpur Keonjhar NORTHERN
50 132/33kV Chandipur S/S Balasore Balasore NORTHERN
51 220/132/33 kV Gris S/S Dhamra at Balimunda Balasore Balasore NORTHERN
52 220/132/33kv GSS Dhamra at Balimunda Balasore Balasore NORTHERN
53 400/220kV Lapanga S/s Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
54 132/33kV Maneswar S/s along with LILO line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
55 Restoration of 400kV Ib-Lapanga line From Loc. No. 124/2 to 149/0 Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
56 400kV LILO of Vedanta-Meramundali line at Lapanga with Multi Circuit Tower Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
57 220/33kV Lephripara S/s along with LILO line Sundergarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
58 220/33kV Deogarh S/s along with LILO line Deogarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
59 220/132/33kV Bamra S/s along with associated line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
60 RTSS Bimlagarh Sundergarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
61 RTSS Kechhobahal Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
62 RTSS, Maneswar Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
63 132/33 KV GIS Hirakud along with associated LILO Line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
64 RTSS Bamra Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
65 220/132KV S/S at Kesinga Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
66 132kV Kesinga-Junagarh line Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
67 132/33kV S/s at Birmaharajpur along with associated DC Line Subarnapur Bolangir WESTERN
68 132 KV line from Nuapara  to Padmapur Bargarh / Nuapada Bolangir WESTERN
69 220kV DC Line from Bolangir to Kesinga Bolangir/Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
70 132/33kV Thuapalli S/s along with associated LILO Line Bargarh Bolangir WESTERN
71 132 KV RTSS Deogaon Bolangir Bolangir WESTERN
72 132KV RTSS Godbhaga Sambalpur Bolangir WESTERN
73 132 KV Bargarh(new) LILO Line Bargarh Bolangir WESTERN
74 220/132/33kV Bamra GSS Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
75 220/132/33kV Kuaranmunda GSS Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
76 132/33kV Lakhanpur GSS Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
77 132/33kv GSS Bhatli Bargarh Bolangir WESTERN
78 132/33 KV S/S at Potangi along with associated SC Line Koraput Jeypore SOUTHERN
79 220kV DC line from Jayanagar(OPTCL) to Jayanagar(PGCIL) Koraput Jeypore SOUTHERN
80 132 KV  SC line between Jayanagar-Tentulikhunti Nabrangpur Jeypore SOUTHERN
81 220/33kV Govindpalli S/s Malkangiri Jeypore SOUTHERN
82  220/33 KV S/S at Kasipur Rayagada Rayagada SOUTHERN
83 220/132/33KV S/S at Jayapatna along with 220 KV LILO Line Kalahandi Rayagada SOUTHERN
84 220/132/33 KV  S/S at Aska with 220KV & 132 KV LILO Line Ganjam Berhampur SOUTHERN
85 132/33 KV Grid S/S at Chikiti Ganjam Berhampur SOUTHERN
86 132/33kV G.Udayagiri S/s along with LILO Line Kandhamal Berhampur SOUTHERN
87 132kV Aska-Digapahandi Line Ganjam Berhampur SOUTHERN
88 132/33 KV grid S/S Nabrangpur along with LILO line from Jayanagar-Tentulikhunti line Nabrangpur Rayagada SOUTHERN
89 220/132/33 KV grid S/S Gunupur along with associated 220 KV KV LILO Line Rayagada Rayagada SOUTHERN
90 RTSS Bhalumaska Rayagada RAYAGADA SOUTHERN
91 220 KV RTSS Laxmipur Koraput Rayagada SOUTHERN
92 132 KV Dabugaon - Jayapatna SC line Nabrangpur RAYAGADA SOUTHERN
93 132 KV RTSS Lanjigarh Kalahandi RAYAGADA SOUTHERN
94 220 KV Narendrapur - TATA Steel Gopalpur DC Line Ganjam Berhampur SOUTHERN
95 132/33 KV GIS Hinjili along with associated LILO DC line Ganjam Berhampur SOUTHERN
96 220/33 kV Grid Sub-Station, Kalimela  Koraput Jeypore SOUTHERN
97 220/33kV 20MVA TRF-2 at Kalimela Koraput Jeypore SOUTHERN
98 132/33 kV Grid S/S Boriguma Koraput Jeypore SOUTHERN


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