• OPTCL has started the AMI project to automate the process of reading of energy accounting meters installed at all interface points and also to build a platform for Meter Data Repository for analyzing the meter data. DCU,(Data Concentrated Unit) at the substations communicate to the master station (Data Centre) located in OPTCL Data Centre premises by means of the GPRS service provider network or OPGW network.
  • The solution is also compatible to accommodate two way meter data communication (applicable for Smart Energy Meters).
  • Installation of AMI infrastructure has been completed at 124 Locations (846 metering points) of OPTCL till date. The Project is yet to be signed up, Currently it is under User Acceptance Testing (UAT)phase.
  • The connectivity backbone of the project is served through OGS-WAN as well as back up GPRS links.
  • Approx. 10 GB of data transaction is being done every month in AMI for generation of RAW data, PRN files, events, log files etc.

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