In order to ensure standardization and streamlining the approval process of drawings, design. GTP's, Technical Specifications, MQP's, FOP's etc an Engineering and Quality Department has been created in OPTCL headed by CGM(Electrical) under the administrative control of Director(Project)

The department (E&Q) is carrying out following functions.

  • Approval of all engineering drawings, design and GTP's of construction, O&M Telecom in ONLINE portal D3.
  • Approval of MQP(Manufacturing Quality Plan) and Field Quality Plan(FQP).
  • Review of Technical Specifications. > Preparation of check list for testing & commissioning and filed work execution.
  • Standardization of drawings, GTP's etc. > Revisit and preparation of Quality and Inspection Manual for purchase of material and equipment, filed work execution, filed Quality Assurance, Conducting Quality Audit.
  • Material Inspection and issue of Dispatch Instruction. Preparation of common estimate format for use by construction, O&M and other functionalities to be adopted by all. The estimate shall be prepared by respective Construction, O&M and other functions and submitted to Engineering & Quality branch for approval.
  • ONLINE Vendor enlisting and approval. Revision and preparation of O&M & Construction Manuals and SOP for all works.



"When safety is ensured, the confidence and efficiency level of employees get manifold."