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IMPORTANT WORKS OF RT&C(Regulation,Tariff and Commercial) Wing of OPTCL




RT&C Wing of OPTCL acts as the nodal department of OPTCL related to Electicity Regulation,Tariff and Commercial matters. RT&C represents OPTCL in OERC,CERC,APTEL,ERPC and other such for a.

Major Activities of RT&C: 

  1.  Filing of ARR (Annual Revenue Requirement) of OPTCL each year by 30th of NOVEMBER before OERC for fixation of Taiff for OPTCL.
  2. Performance Review of OPTCL before OERC.
  3.  Preparation and filing of 5-Year Business Plan for respective Control Period in OERC.
  4. Truing up of ARR.
  5. Defends OPTCL’s interest in electricity related matter in various fora.
  6. Filing of various Case/ Review Matters before CERC/OERC and Appeal before APTEL,New Delhi, High Court and Supreme Court of India in Tariff and regulatory matters for and on behalf of OPTCL.
  7. Compliance of various Licence conditions.
  8. Filing of zTT(Transmission Tariff Application) before CERC for inter-state transmission lines of OPTCL.
  9.  Filing of 5-Year Transmission Plan for OPTCL.

Additionally, RT&C wing also takes up other works like:

  1.  Monthly Transmission Billing and raising of invoices to LTOA Customers(Intra-state)i.e. Discoms and CGPs like CESU,NESCO,WESCO, SOUTHCO,NALCO & IMFA etc.
  2. Monthly Transmission Bills of Inter-state Transmission Customers like CSPDCL and BEL.
  3. Represents OPTCL in Commercial Sub-Committee Meetings of ERPC,Kolkata.
  4. Coordinates with Power Grid in matters related to settlement of interstate wheeling Charges of OPTCL.
  5. Energy accounting.
  6. Matters relating to revenue earning sources for OPTCL like Grid Support Charges etc.
  7. Matters relating to Grid stability namely Reactive Power charges.
  8. Other miscellaneous matters.

Long Term Open Access (LTOA) Customers of OPTCL:








M/s Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL)