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Facility Management Services(FMS) Support



  • The following Services are provided by FMS of IT Dept. to OPTCL, GRIDCO and SLDC.


  1. ZITCs (Zonal IT Centre) Support- hands on support to officials in field units under ZITC for successful implementation of ERP along with GIS and AMI. Provide support for Hardware and software along with maintenance of Client PCs.
  2. Help Desk Support- Field officials can call centralized Service Helpdesk to log the call and get assistance from a designated person.
  3. Data Centre(DC) Support: FMS at DC performs the following actions
    1. Service Delivery Management
    2. Management of lT peripheral at user side
    3. Data Centre Operations & maintenance
    4. Server Administration & Management
    5. Database Administration Services
    6. Backup Restore  Management