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Employee List and Their Contact Information (Construction)

Sl. No Name of Officer Designation Cell No. E-Mail id
1 Sudipta Sengupta CGM (Const.) 9438907732 cgm.con@optcl.co.in
2 Sakti Prasad Das Sr. GM, Construction Zone-I 9438907307 sgm.con1.bbs@optcl.co.in
3 Rabindra Nath Mohapatra Sr. GM, Construction Zone-II 9438908044 sgm.con2.sbp@optcl.co.in
4 Pradeep Kumar Dash G.M, EHT(C) Circle, Bhubaneswar 9438907378 ehtc.cle.bbs@optcl.co.in
5 Durga Prasad Jena G.M, EHT(C) Circle, Jajpur Road 9438907562 ehtc.cle.jjp@optcl.co.in
6 SantoshKu.Banchhor G.M, EHT(C) Circle, Rayagada 9438907123 ehtc.cle.rgd@optcl.co.in
7 Saroj Ranjan Pradhan G.M, EHT(C) Circle, Sambalpur 9438907218 ehtc.cle.sbp@optcl.co.in
8 Sachidananda Panda D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Bhubaneswar 9438907861 ehtc.div.bbs@optcl.co.in
9 AshokKumarMohanty D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Cuttack 9438907216 ehtc.div.ctc@optcl.co.in
10 DillipKumarMohanty D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Berhampur 9438907187 ehtc.div.bam@optcl.co.in
11 PrabirKumarMallick D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Balasore 9438907896 ehtc.div.bls@optcl.co.in
12 Antaryami Behera D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Angul 9438907079 ehtc.div.ang@optcl.co.in
13 Subash Ch. Singh D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Keonjhar 9438907654 ehtc.div.knj@optcl.co.in
14 Ajay Kumar Nanda D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Jharsuguda 9438907781 ehtc.div.jsg@optcl.co.in
15 Niranjan Panda D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Bolangir 9438907303 ehtc.div.bln@optcl.co.in
16 Satyabrata Rout D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Jeypore 9438907904 ehtc.div.jpr@optcl.co.in
17 Nihar Ranjan Ray D.G.M, EHT(C) Division, Rayagada 9438907159 ehtc.div.rgd@optcl.co.in
18 Sushanta Ku.Behera A.G.M(El.), TA to CGM(Const.) 9438907353 ele.skbehera@optcl.co.in