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CIN No.:U40102OR2004SGC007553
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    Telecommunication Wing

    Telecommunication Wing in OPTCL has been entrusted to establish, maintain and operate utility communication system as appropriate for efficient grid operation and centralized management of Power system. The utility communication system ultimately facilitates power trading as well as interstate and intrastate ABT operation of grid management system at SLDC. The services rendered by Telecom wing ranges from traditional Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) up to wideband communication system such as optic fibre communication links for real time SCADA operation at SLDC.This wing has undertaken various telecommunication projects related to SCADA and communication network for smooth functioning of grid sub-stations and for effective power system operation work at SLDC.


    Contact:   Head office: GENERAL MANAGER,
    Telecommunication Circle, Bhubaneswar
    Technical Building , OPTCL Head Quarters, Bhubaneswar
    Ph: 0674 - 2542403, Mobile No-9438907017 Fax – 2540875 webmail:telc.cle.bbs@optcl.co.in



    Corporate Planning Building

    Room No-308,2nd Floor, OPTCL Head Quarters, Bhubaneswar

    Ph:0674-2541082, Fax: 2541082



    Corporate Planning Building

    Room No-309,2nd Floor, OPTCL Head Quarters, Bhubaneswar

    Ph:0674-2540991, Fax: 2541082

    Field offices:

    The MANAGER, Telecommunication Division-I, Bhubaneswar
    Technical Building , OPTCL Head Quarters, Bhubaneswar
    Phone: 254002,   Fax: 2542604       


    The MANAGER,
    Telecommunication Division-II, Bhubaneswar
    SLDC Building, Mancheswar Railway Colony, Bhubaneswar
    Phone:2748664,           Fax:           email:  :  telc.div.bbs2@optcl.co.in


    The MANAGER,
    Telecommunication Division, Berhampur
    At: Duduma Colony, Near 1st Gate PO:-near Panigrahipentho Dist-Ganjam
    Phone: 0680 - 2271262,    Fax:     email: telc.div.bam@optcl.co.in


    The MANAGER,
    Telecommunication Division, Meramundali
    At/PO Talcher Themal    Dist-Angul
    Phone: 06760 - 249314,  Fax:           email: telc.div.mrm@optcl.co.in


    The MANAGER,
    Telecommunication Division, Rourkela
    At: 220kV Grid s/s Tarkera Colony PO:-Panposh        Dist-Sundergarh
    Phone: 0661 - 2664481,   Fax: 2664893, email: telc.div.rkl@optcl.co.in